Your View: Should We Use Trans-Gender Pronouns?


Listverse Staff

For the last few years transgenderism has become more widespread in the media and the mainstream media, always happy to jump on a controversy, are pushing out a wild array of gender pronouns. Universities are now asking their students to introduce themselves as “Name, Location, Pronouns”, and even Facebook has now added a custom option to let you put anything at all you want for your gender.

This obviously leads to some difficulty for websites like us. If we use the standard English form of referring to a person by the gender of their birth, someone like Caitlyn Jenner may be upset when we call him a man. On the other hand, calling someone a xim (yes that really is one of the new gender pronouns) is likely to raise the ire of many others.

So my question to you is this: what gender pronouns should Listverse be using when editing lists that refer to trans-genders or trans-sexuals? Do we call Bruce Jenner “her” because he wears dresses or should we call him “him” because he was born with (and presumably still has) male genitalia? Or should we just go the whole hog and use “xim, xer” and the myriad of other newly invented terms being touted as the only non-sexist terms possible?

Listverse Staff

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