TSN – Top 10 NBA Plays From Last Season (2016-17)

On the eve of a new NBA season, TSN look back at some of the most delicious dunks, buzzer beaters and posterizing plays in the top 10 NBA plays from last season. Jesus Christ this list was mediocre.

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Top 10 mẹo vặt với Máy Khoan BẠN NÊN BIẾT

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38 thoughts on “TSN – Top 10 NBA Plays From Last Season (2016-17)

  1. Only thing I dislike in basketball is that defence can't do shit while offence can just run you over…

  2. I’m a Steph curry fan but even I agree that the layup shouldn’t be in the top ten. How about KDs three in game 3?

  3. Okay so am I the only one who thinks that Russ pass was just lucky as fuck and was actually a terrible pass? He definitely did not mean to do that. 999999/1000000 times that's a steal and a shaqtin a fool play.

  4. curry at 4 is ridiculous. literally only there because it was on lebron, and it was an illegal play. it wasnt even that impressive if it wasnt a double dribble either

  5. So a game winner is #9 by lebron (should be higher), but #8 is only on here because it's on lebron, #4 is a double dribble (based on every sports commentator ever afterwards), the honor roll should probably be #2 or #1, Kevin Durant's 3 from the finals over lebron isn't on here???, and #1 is a simple dunk. This was just sad to watch to be honest.

  6. how the hell did that honour roll play not make the list?! I remember watching that and being so hype I'm not even no thunder fan!

  7. đánh trứng, gọt bút chì, bắt vít. ô mai chuối. tốn t.jan khi xem video ngớ ngẩn này. dislike

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