Top 10 Strangest Products Made By Famous Brands

When famous brands decide to deviate away from what made them famous, it usually only goes one way, badly. That said, it gives everyone a laugh or two along the way. Here are our top 10 strange products made by famous brands.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 strange products made by famous brands! Nintendo – You know Nintendo for its trailblazing games consoles, and characters like Super Mario and Donkey Kong. However, Nintendo has actually been around since 1889, and has tried its hand in many other areas, with little success most of the time. Mad flavours – It must be pretty boring when you’re a massively successful food brand, just banging out the same old flavours over and over again. Virgin – Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin brand, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He’s a maverick, never conforming to tradition. ‘Do one thing and do it well’ was never for him. Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce – We’ve talked about when food and drink brands like to experiment with mad flavours, but what about when they experiment with a totally different type of food altogether? Ice Breakers Pacs – Often, when famous brands fail with new products, they’re innovative and ahead of their time. The mainstream market just wasn’t ready.

Hooters Air – Hooters is a popular restaurant chain, famous for its spicy chicken wings and nothing else. OK, I’m lying, Hooters is mainly famous for its waiting staff, exclusively made up of attractive women dressed up in tight shorts and tank tops. Veggie Jello – Ice cream. Cake at a push. Those are the only things you should eat Jello with. The beauty of Jello is its wobbly simplicity. Wine – Wine is one of those areas that many brands want to break into. It’s fashionable, aspirational, and you can charge a fortune for it. Cheetos – Flavoured lip balm has been around for years, popular flavours are generally things that smell fresh, like mint, or cherry. Oasis kicks – As no one buys music anymore, rock stars have to think creatively if they’re going to raise enough money to keep them in private jets and solid gold toilets.

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