Top 10 Similarities Between Deadpool & Spider-Man

Top 10 Similarities Between Deadpool & Spider-Man
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Deadpool and Spider-Man are two of Marvel’s most popular characters right now, helped along by the huge amount of hype surrounding their respective movies (and the awesomeness of said movies). And as many have noticed, they’re quite similar in a number of ways. So let’s talk about what it is that makes these guys such a great pair! Get ready, it’s time for the Top 10 Similarities Between Deadpool and Spider-Man!

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Top 10 Craziest Marilyn Manson Rumors Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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#10: He Was Going to Kill Himself at a Concert
#9: He Murdered Hospital Patients
#8: Manson Called His Song “Cryptorchid” Because He Has the Condition
#7: He Nearly Formed a Christian Band with Billy Corgan
#6: Nicolas Cage Would Pretend to Be Marilyn Manson
#5: He Got Breast Implants
#4: He Kills Animals During His Concerts
#3, #2 & #1???

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 Similarities Between Deadpool & Spider-Man

  1. Did u know that in the spiderman and deadpool comic a character was created where there genes were combined into a girl

  2. Does it make me a nerd that I immediately knew that the thumbnail of Nic Cage is from Ghost Rider?

  3. Former Daisy Berkowitz dies, Twiggy revealed as a rapist… what is going on with this beautiful band?

  4. God… none of these are true and Mr. Manson is a fucking great guy and I love him and he is smarter than lots of people on this chat will ever be

  5. If "He removed his 2 bottom ribs to give himself blowjobs" isn't first this list is already deemed irrelevant

  6. I understand why you wouldn't go into this during a MM-related video, but it does need to be said that, while the animal cruelty rumours were false in all cases, they weren't completely unfounded in Ozzy's case, as he did actually bite the head off a live bat on stage… but it wasn't planned, someone threw it on stage and he didn't know it was real until he bit into it, he thought it was a prop.

  7. I got Mechanical Animals for Christmas the year it came out (it was the last MM album I cared about, btw), and I guess I didn't look too closely at the picture because I never noticed the extra fingers.

  8. he sure is an ugly mother fucker lmao. loses badass points when he gets called out by "New Radicals" and he did nothing about it

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