Top 10 Best Gaming Monitors of 2017

Monitors and PC gaming can be a tricky area to navigate, but we’re here to help. Get your wallet ready.
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Acer Predator XB321HK (Best 4k)

Dell P2715Q

Asus MG28UQ (4K)


Asus ROG Swift PG279Q (Best 1440p)

Dell Gaming S2716DG

1080 144hz:

Asus VG248QE

Acer R240HY



LG 34UC79g-B

Asus VG245H (budget)
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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Gaming Monitors of 2017

  1. I have. Dell's S2716DG 27" 2650 x 1440p 144 Hz 1 Ms gaming monitor. It has G-Sync and I've been happy with it. It was a little costly to me but worth it.

  2. WOAAAA!!!! The AOC AG352UCG is NOT NOT a IPS display, it is a VA panel unfortunately, huge fuck up in this video as its repeated multiple times.

  3. One important metric in monitors and TVs is Input Lag. I usually want to know that before purchase. I would suggest @gameranx to look into that statistic as well. Very important for high reaction time games. Also, input lag for a-lot of devices out there is often confused for response time or all together left out, i feel, on purpose. (For some of you that may not know, there is a huge difference between input lag and response time.)

  4. A monitor, like that Dell Gaming S2716DG, with an ips panel, thats not crazy expensive like the swift…now THAT'S the real sweat spot! Currently running dual "24Q8E's" so its nice to see my setup get some love and validation 😉

  5. I am sorry i just have to put it put there, but the use of termonology aka tech talk about the features. It became clear that the creator / commentator are confused with the termonology used, there are several times the commentator controdicted him self. Talking about Hz in a monitor as it has anything to do with the FPS. Hz is how many times each indevidual pixel gets an instruction to change color. It's not FPS the two are totally seperate things, but they are still connected as a 144Hz screen can change the pixel color once each frame if the game is ran at 144 fps. And freesync support is also miss used and are in some cases not incluced in the monitor, but there is a option to add it. Please do ur research before using termonology left and right

  6. Hang on a second… 144hz is one frame every 6.9ms so how would a 6ms response time not be more than sufficient?

  7. The PG279Q The worst monitor! I had 3 panels of this "Monitor" Which have very terrible back light bleed effect! Very incredeble glow effect and also all time dead and stuck sub pixels! So thats why its worst model. I buy pg278qr with TN – yes it has TN but this panel without problem with stuck pixels and glow effect! TN model has more better quality than IPS. QA in asus is very bad!

  8. As nice as these sound most of the games I'd play don't really need 4k and the games made to look good on these types of monitors I don't usually play and I'll likely use YouTube etc on it more than gaming. If you connect your console to these will they look/play good?

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