TOP 10 BEST America’s Got Talent 2016 No 1 | Audition Performances

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No 2:

00:00 Christopher
01:35 John Hetlinger
03:00 Hara
05:43 Sal Valentinetti
14:40 Laura Bretan
09:15 Jon Dorenbos
12:24 Sofie Dossi
14:51 Steven Brundage
17:10 Grace VanderWaal
03:08 Tape Face
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This is my best life hacks ever.
songs: 1 – Universal –
2 – Sydney_s_Skyline –
3 – Monitors –
4 – Beat_Your_Competition –
outro – alternate –

32 thoughts on “TOP 10 BEST America’s Got Talent 2016 No 1 | Audition Performances

  1. About the rubiks cube… if you pay attention at 15:45 when Simon is handing him the cube, you can see the pattern of four yellow pieces forming a square, but when the magician reveals that he managed to make the same pattern, you may realize that the pattern he made is not the same because he made his own.. i mean he did make the same pattern as the previous cube, but not Simons cube, because his cubes do not have the four yellow pieces forming a square and thus he did not copy what simon did

  2. Please stop listing as "Life Hacks"!!!!!!!
    Maybe you should give "Crafts" OR "Mini-Projects" a try!
    (some are quite interesting, But certainly not "Life Hacks") 8-]

  3. aight #2 was stupid. not the process of making the hack, the fact that you could have done 9×7 to put into the pencil but instead you put 1+1in the pencil

  4. Oh, and 10 more life hacks:
    1: Get a pistol, put it against your head and pull the trigger.
    2: Sneak into a military base with a BB gun.
    3: Jump in front of a train.
    4: Run across the motorway.
    5: Get someone to beat the shit out of you.
    6: Go diving with a backpack full of bricks.
    7: Stand in front of a jet engine, like right in front.
    8: Try and bungee jump with a normal rope.
    9: Activate a bomb next to you and don't move.
    10: Jump off of a cliff.

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