The 10 Best Ideas For Rocket League

Here’s my pick for the best ideas to improve Rocket League. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “The 10 Best Ideas For Rocket League

  1. Nummer 8 upgrading your car xd its All about luck if You stand against bad/average or good players.
    And even So Some people are just bad with the ball just like me the ball cam doesnt fit me and my aerial is OK
    7. Overtime shout out?
    No thank You
    Probably fun now and then but not being standard

  2. They should add a game mode that's somewhat like that game in Harry potter with the flying ball. 3 hoops, 4v4 , bigger map, slightly smaller ball and 150 boost because in that game mode flying is critical! .

  3. I think these are realy good ideas, the ones i like most are the boost indicator (but i think its the best if only your own team can see it), the training thingy (number one) and the pocket edition :).

  4. I think it would be cool if for the "penalty goals" at the end of each match, depended on demo's, say I demo'd you in the match, you would get one free penalty shot at the end, idk, seems neat

  5. I think the boat idea in the thumbnail would be pretty fuckin lit, maybe have a dive mechanic and put the boost on little floaties. That would be so much fun!

  6. There was a 'wind' minigame in SARPBC. It was kinda annoying when the ball was pulled around by air. So i don't think it's a good idea.

  7. Soccer map that's huge 11 v 11 with outs? And also normal soccer goals with posts and crossbar and you can go behind them like hockey… yes please

  8. I was glad to not hear any complaints about arenas. However these ideas would only tailor to maybe 10% of the RL community and they have bigger things to focus on.

    App: RL has a great and simple platform that simply does not need an app. Not to mention, there are already so many tools that can be utilized already.

    Wind: No not like rumble. It would only need to be a mutator.

    Vehicle Build: If they want to do that, they will. But it would not make sense to since their focus is crates for RLCS.

    OT shootout: OT is an unlimited shootout. And if it was a goalie vs shooter in RL, 99.98% of shooters would win.

    Number 6: All stuff that one person thinks the game needs. No. Psyonix is doing a great job without him.

    Advanced Team System: I play with so many different friends that there would be no consistency to a team system and we don't need clans with 30 people in them to play 3s. As you said, people have lives.

    Reworked Chaos: 411 people in playlist. Again, not enough players to focus on this.

    SS Doubles: Doubles now is already SS Doubles.

    Team Boost Meters: "Boost? 50, full, 24" "Thanks."

    Advanced Training: Hit the ball. Training was a great add on for people who as you said, can't play too often. No need to get all MLB Statcast on it. They did a great job allowing others to make trainings as well.



  9. #1 is Perfect, Ive hoped long and hard for ghost cars in trainings, but #1 goes the extra mile, I LOVE IT! It's GOT TO happen!

  10. Not really a gameplay addition but I think it would be cool to have something like a daily challenge or multiple challenges such as “score three goals”, “win a game of ranked doubles”, “score one turtle goal” and so on and get small rewards for completing those challenges, maybe XP or uncommon toppers and after completing all daily challenges for say, a month you get a key, would be nice for everyone who doesn’t have extra money to spend on keys but not lucrative enough to drive sales away, a lot like GTA’s system but I think it works well there and would on RL too

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