Another Top 10 Worst As Seen On TV Items Ever

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These are some of the WORST As Seen On TV Items ever. We’ll be looking at embarrassing products such as WaxVac, the Broccoli Wad, Cami Secret, Perfect Polly, Long Reach Comfort Wipe, the Tush Turner, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for Another Top 10 As Seen On TV Items Ever.

#10. Fridge Locker
#9. Leg & Foot Warmers
#8. WaxVac
#7. Chillow
#6. The Broccoli Wad
#5. Cami Secret
#4. The Tush Turner
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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16 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Worst As Seen On TV Items Ever

  1. A lot of these products are useful for disabled people… It's just that the advertisers are going out of their way to market to ablebodied people, when they aren't the ones who would actually be using that product.

  2. Okay, the cami secret, no matter how good an idea it seems, you just cannot do. Anything that a 12-year-old would mock you for, you cannot do just because adults are more circumspect in their commentary. There's more than one person who wore a mock turtle dickey and didn't realize it was completely obvious it was a dickey, never lived it down, and had no idea.

  3. most of these are fine. it's just the ads that are ridiculous. and they tend to market the products more broadly than they need to be, like with the butt wipe thing and the adult bib, which are probably pretty useful for the morbidly obese and disabled elderly but don't really have mass appeal.

  4. Omg I literally just watched your best as seen on tv products and the chillow was on it?? What is it??? The best product or the worst product?????

  5. I bought a fridge locker for use at home. People I live with would steal my food and deny it. The choice I faced was as super spicy sauce to it, making it unpleasant for whoever is eating my food. Or unpleasant for me when u get bored of waiting
    Or just buy a small lockable cage. Which worked perfectly. Never had my food stolen again

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