10 BEST SHUFFLE GIRL’S | •2015 – 2016•

Waht do you think Is the best Dancer?

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#10 = How To Save a Life (Jiggers Remix)
#9 = Release Me – Fosmo feat. Lotti
#8 = My Squads Lit
#7 = (Unknown)
#6 = Asphyxiation
#5 = Grit Mania
#4 = Krush Groove
#3 = Switch – JUST DAY YES
#2 = Seve – Tez Cadey
#1 = Wait Dombresky

#10 = (Unknown)
#9 = (Unknown)
#8 = “Elena Cruz”
#7 = “Elena Cruz”
#6 = “Elena Cruz”
#5 = “Elena Cruz”
#4 = “Elena Cruz ”
#3 = “Gabby David”
#2 = (Unknown)
#1 = “Elena Cruz”

BP Dance

Lionel Messi - Top 10 Impossible Solo Goals Ever ● Legendary One-Man Show ● HD

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Lionel Messi – Top 10 Impossible Solo Goals Ever ● Legendary One-Man Show ● HD

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✔Songs: 1) James Paget – Together As One (Epic Ethereal Uplifting Orchestral)
2) Julius Bölk – Dusty Power [Epic Dramatic Action]

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38 thoughts on “10 BEST SHUFFLE GIRLS CLIPS | BP Dance

  1. In case anyone wants to know the song in the first one it’s where did I go wrong and a certain remix I don’t know

  2. number 10 was the best and it was done on a phone in a kitchen. compared to number 1 which was very bland, not smooth, and only had a bunch of nice camera work and fancy lights everywhere. sigh

  3. The truth is that Messi is way better than Maradona. But nowadays we've got to be nostalgic anyway like when we speak about music from the 70s.

  4. God asked you who is the best footballer in the world. And if you are wrong, God will cut your testicles off and you have to go to hell and suffer in the hell fire permanently. Then, even ronaldo fans will choose messi.

  5. The best footballer to ever grace the pitch. This man is the greatest of all time, and we all need to just appreciate what we are witnessing, words cannot do it justice. What this guy does with a football is just simply incredible.

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